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Egg Tempera Paintings

Downeast Maine with its scenic rocky coast, quaint small towns and classic wooden boats is an ideal place for a boater and artist. With the exception of taking a few private watercolor lessons when I took a leave of absence from my real job as an airline pilot in 1996 I have no formal art training. After retiring from the airlines and moving to Maine in 2016 I started taking adult ed and online watercolor classes after a 20 year hiatus from doing any painting. I have been a fairly active painter since, especially in the winter months, taking occasional classes and painting with artist friends. My art has been sold at charity events for the Blue Hill Public Library, the Wilson Museum and at the Farmstead Barn Art Shows in Sullivan.

Other than occasional pen and ink I paint mostly with watercolors. After taking an egg tempera workshop given by a local and accomplished artist, Phil Schirmer, I've been exploring that ancient medium. Boats, seascapes, especially the rocky coast, have been my focus and a reason that we moved to Blue Hill. On occasion I stray into portraits of familiar people and family pets.