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I've been a lifelong doodler, sketcher, and now mostly a seasonal painter. I'm unschooled with the exception of taking a few private lessons several decades ago when I took a leave of absence from my real job as an airline pilot and took a few watercolor lessons from a local artist and friend, Emily James. Since retiring from the airlines and moving to Maine in 2016 I started taking adult ed watercolor classes in the fall and winter after a 20 yr hiatus from doing any painting.

Other than occasional pen and ink I've been painting with watercolors. Recently (2020) after taking an egg tempera workshop given by a local and very accomplished artist, Phil Schirmer, I've been exploring that ancient medium. Click here to see ET paintings.



Prints available!
Since I've had several requests to purchase this piece I had prints made at a professional art shop. $50 each, $5 shipping if needed.
I don't normally paint during boating season but I saw a photo on Arista Holden's FaceBook page, Seal Bay Fog, that just called for a painting.
If you'd like a print email me at

Latest Work-Watercolors

TSCA row up Long Cove near Tenant's Harbor, April 2021

SOLD Temple Blackwood wood turning at the Wilson Museum. Sold at the first WM on line auction. I liked the coloring so I did him again in egg tempera, posted on the ET page.

I needed to get back to watercolors while taking Koo's ET class. I saw a photo taken by Ben Fuller of this Camden Bell and it looked like it needed to be a watercolor

A rendering of the Small Reach Regatta logo drawn by Sam Manning

Sunrise dog walk at Emerson Park caught this crow on the sculpture.

A charcoal sketch of Ben Fuller, small boat guru.

Another summer painting, Susan requested a bee on a flower, so here it is.

I hosted a plein air workshop for my watercolor class and painted Susan's hives. It got framed for her birthday.

My first virtual homework assignment painted during the Covid 19 pandemic. Paint a body showing perspective. This is me and JC after running the Avenue of Giants marathon, what fun!

Another virtual homework, paint a doorway. This is pen and ink watercolor of our neighbor's front door.

Watercolor homework, paint a crowd. This is a scene from a Small Reach Regatta. I'm getting help removing seaweed from the centerboard slot.

More homework, portrait with some dimension, like me showing what I think of portraits. Click on it for a reverse color look.

This assignment was inspired by a Phil Schirmer painting, paint a side lit object.

This is a watercolor of a Phil Schirmer egg tempera work. I attended an egg tempera workshop conducted by Phil at his house in Jan 2020. Go to my Egg Tempera Page to see how it came out in ET.

This is what I see every morning after letting them out before breakfast.

Another watercolor version of a Schirmer painting

SOLD-Perkin's House Kitchen. 2019 Collecting Castine Silent Auction - Wilson Museum, Castine, Maine

SOLD-This lot is a mile from our house. It was taken from a photo I shot while running right after a snow storm.
The storm clouds are sliding off to the east and sun is trying to make an appearance casting a silvery glow to the scene.



Portraits of Ken, Susan's Dad, at 95 and 25

SOLD-This was my submission for the Blue Hill Public Library's 2018 Paint the Peninsula fund raiser. It was the first painting that I have sold. It was a silent auction and had a small bidding war with the final price of $300 of which the library received 75%.

This was a 3 color drill done for an art class. You're not limited very much if you select 3 primary colors.

Another winter bridge picture. . Can't have too many as the bridge won't be here too much longer


SOLD-Front Row Seats - view in front of our house. 2019 Paint the Peninsula - Blue Hill Public Library Silent Auction


Bagley, our golden retriever, blends in nicely with the color of the cedar deck and boot box.

A quick portrait of Bagley

Another art class project, paint motion and emotion

Schooner, a black lab mix, made it to 16+ years and was one happy dog until the end.

People complain about the long winters in Maine. I don't mind them as they provide the opportunity to paint and great subject matter. I'm sort of fond of red buildings. This is the boat shed at the end of our road.

My workshop with the wood stove burning. I can get work done all winter if the temps get above 20 as long as there is some sun.

The Boulet's house on High St, Blue Hill

This red garage is just past our road on the way to the reversing falls.



This was one of my first attempts back in 1996. I called it "Double Duh." I painted a lot that year but then put the brushes down for 20yrs.



My first email address was Marineart@.....and I painted a lot of, marine art.




Susan, my wife, really likes whales.

SOLD-This painting is taken from John Gardner's The Dory Book. It is a copy of a Sam Manning illustration of a Swampscott Dory. It sold at the Wilson Museum's Collecting Castine silent auction in 2018.

I built this Doug Hylan Beach Pea in 2018. It was nice opening up the boat shed in the morning and seeing the sun lighting her hull.

A homework project, one color study of our wooden bass boat that we took family vacations on.

Another homework project, catching the winter sun from my workshop.


Art homework, paint white and paint a drape. This was part of the Perkins Kitchen that I omitted because I didn't want to tackle the draping cloth.

Another homework project, 3 different profiles

A fun homework assignment, paint the back of a head. I used 3 colors, blue man seeing red.




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