Sue's SUP

We wanted a project we could both get involved in and Susan thought a stand up paddle board would be fun to have. One of my boating friends, Gardner Pickering, runs the marine division of Hewes & Co. right here in Blue Hill. They have a CNC SUP kit designed by Timeless Surf Co. So I purchased the kit in the fall of 2017 and we began our "family" project. I was floored when I picked up the kit and Gardner gave us enough clear western cedar, milled, to finish the board, no charge!

First step was to laminate the top and bottom. What a time, and cost, saver having the cedar milled and ready to go.
The CNC frame went together easily. Panels are glued and sanded.

Lots of clamping and wedging to get the bottom attached to the skeleton.

The challenging part, which we thought was a crazy design, was to get what are essentially split 2x2 lengths of cedar to bend around the frames. We soaked them, clamped them, eventually forced them as close to shape as we could.

The next big challenge was to get the top to fit on, or actually in, the rails. We routed, and chiseled, a small rabbet, as carefully as we could knowing that it would be highly visible.

The top is now being glued on. The bow and stern have been lopped off where wooden blocks will be glued on.

Pat Fanelli, WoodenBoat School guy, our winter tenant, and friend is a paddle designer/maker and he offered to show us how to make a custom paddle. Here he is with his designed jig to make the bent shaft.

With the blade glued to the shaft, Susan had a lot of sanding and shaping to do.

Here's the blade before it gets fiberglassed. Cedar with black walnut and maple on the edges.

The handle that Susan carved to fit her hand.

Top is on! The rails required a lot shaping and sanding but she's getting close.

We used 6 oz fiberglass cloth on the bottom, with 3 coats of epoxy.

Top gets 4oz cloth and lots of epoxy. Varnish is next. Getting on the water can't be too far off.

Fin, black walnut and maple, dadoed and epoxied in place. Stern block is cedar and black walnut, hollowed.

We cut off the parts of rails that wouldn't take the bend and glued on the bow block: cedar, black walnut with a maple nose, hollowed to save some weight. Here you can see that the cedar top actually fit into that rabbet we had made in the rails.

Used a brass ferrule with screw/O ring for a vent. Boards have popped like a balloon without them if left in the sun.

Lauch day, just shy of a year when the first request for the project was made. It's a bit of battleship of a board, coming in at just under 50#. But Susan is happy with it and that's what counts
Susan off on her maiden voyage to our house, 1/2 mile down the bay. Dead calm, no other boats moving this morning.

First voyage was a success, and the SUP joins the fleet. She is paddling past Rivus and Biddle, the skiff behind the spruce.