Latest Work

My submission fo rthe Wilson Museum's Collecting Castine 2020.


I've done several Reversing Falls Bridge in watercolor, this is the first in ET.

My first commission! A request from a good friend and Naval Academy classmate. It's done in egg tempera, Susan using her battery powered snow shovel after a blizzard.


Susan likes to arrange stones, these are our old well capstone.

Curtis Cove, East Blue Hill, Maine

 is is my attempt at an egg tempera done at a workshop conducted by Phil Schirmer, January 2020.

And I soon discovered that egg tempera tastes good, at least to a puppy.

Susan didn't want live flowers for Valentines Day so I found a rose painting on the internet and did an egg tempera version.

Another egg tempera taken from a water color by Mike Boardman.


My melonseed Rivus on her mooring, Blue Hill Bay

Our neighbor, Meg Maiden's boat, visible from our house.

Just a frog

Sculpture at Emerson Park, Blue Hill Town Wharf

My take of a Phil Shriver rock painting

More experimenting with ET, trying to paint rocks like Phil

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