Latest Work

The Wood Turner, Temple Blackwood, demonstrating his craft at the Wilson Musuem, Castine, Maine.
My submission for the Wilson Museum's Collecting Castine 2020 (cancelled due to Covid19)


I've done several Reversing Falls Bridge in watercolor, this is the first in ET.

My first commission! A request from a good friend and Naval Academy classmate. It's done in egg tempera, Susan using her battery powered snow shovel after a blizzard.


Susan likes to arrange stones, these are our old well capstone.

Curtis Cove, East Blue Hill, Maine

 is is my attempt at an egg tempera done at a workshop conducted by Phil Schirmer, January 2020.

And I soon discovered that egg tempera tastes good, at least to a puppy.

Susan didn't want live flowers for Valentines Day so I found a rose painting on the internet and did an egg tempera version.

Another egg tempera taken from a water color by Mike Boardman.


My melonseed Rivus on her mooring, Blue Hill Bay

Our neighbor, Meg Maiden's boat, visible from our house.

Just a frog

Sculpture at Emerson Park, Blue Hill Town Wharf

My take of a Phil Shriver rock painting

More experimenting with ET, trying to paint rocks like Phil

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